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Made with OS X
This site is dedicated to proving that Macintosh will eventually prevail over all operating systems! For more info, click here.

Post Date Posted
Site Unsupported
This site is now unsupported by me. If I decide to return for updates then so be it - but for now I have other things in my life that beckon me more. :\ I hope you all have a good year in 2003.
Fake Article
I went back through the articles section and found one of them to be fake. It was taken down.
More Articles
I uploaded 3 new articles today. :-D
New Stuff
Some new articles and images were put up today.
Funny Stuff
I found 2 funny video clips on this Anti-Windows site.

Bill Gates gets pied
Bill Gates demonstates how "stable" Windows 98 is

Up and Running
MacsRule is up and running as of today!

Mighty Mac
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The International Anti-MS Network
The Webring connecting anti-Microsoft sites...

A fatal exception OE has occured in module DOING_NOTHING at 
10B3:23A132C9.  The current application will be terminated.

   * Press any key to continue.  There is a 0.000001% chance that 
     another application won't crash.
   * Press CTRL-ALT-DEL to restart your computer.  You will 
     lose any unsaved information, and your hard drive could
     be physically damaged because of Windows' very bad startup method.

...with the goal of ending the Blue Screen of Death.

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