Mac vs. IBM/PC
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The battle between Macintosh computer and an IBM-PC is an old one. What is surprising to us is the hesitation expressed by the physicians in using the Macintosh. We work with both platforms, and we like both platforms. Each has its strong points and weak points.

What the consumer often does not understand is that the Macintosh's strong points are all in the consumer's favor, whereas the IBM-PC's strong points are in favor of the computer consultants, the software developers, and the dealers. Obviously, this statement needs further elaboration.

Stated in simple terms, the Macintosh platform is so hassle-free to setup and to network, that most consumers take care of it all by themselves. This shortchanges the consultants in a big way - if you don't need our help, we don't make any money. To connect two Macintosh computers, you buy a length of telephone wire (that's right - telephone wire), and two little thingies. Plug a thingy in the back of each computer, and connect the two with the telephone wire. You are done. Turn on the Macs, and you have networking.

If you want networking with the PC, you will need an NIC in each computer (that's right - inside the computer) Buy an NIC for each computer (You have a choice there, do you know which one you want?) Open the computer case, you don't need to wash your hands but you sure need to be static-free or zap goes the mother-board. Find a PCI slot, plug in the NIC card, close the case, but keep the screwdriver handy (you are going to need it again - promise). Connect the cables to the card connectors, the other end goes into the hub (what's the hub!!). Turn on the computers. You are not done yet - you have to install the drivers. Well, you get the picture. Unless you are a computer type person, you will call one of us, I assure you. If you are working with Windows NT, it will be cheaper to put one of us on your payroll. Did you know that getting certification in Windows NT is as difficult now as getting certified as an oncologist. (We heard this from an oncologist)

Physicians often think that because insurance companies use PCs (really! do they?), therefore they will pay more if the doctor uses a PC. No they won't.