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1. Macs have faster processors

2. Can you say "user friendly?"

3. The Superdrive

4. Windows is a Mac OS rip-off

5. Macs look nicer

6. Fewer viruses

7. Velocity Engine

8. Mac OS X

9. the almighty G4

10. duel processing (yes Macs had it first, in fact PCs don't even have duel processing, want to contradict me? bring it on!)

11. Easier to network

12. Three words - No Bill Gates

13. Awsome Ethernet

14. Deals much better with graphics ( a high end Mac runs Photoshop much faster than a high end PC, independant tests have proven this)

15. PCs are more complex than should be

16. Sherlock

17. Steve Jobs

18.Ambrosia Software

19. Higher Quality monitors

20. More stable

21. The Mac OS always launches a document

22. All Macs ever made come LocalTalk-ready

23. Games look and sound better on the Mac

24. The Mac is easier to set up than a Windows machine

25. QuickTime, an Apple innovation

26. Macs are faster

27. The Mac is still the first choice for creative types

28. The Mac is largely responsible for the multimedia revolution

29. Wintel machines are easy prey to infection

30. Mac errors are nothing to PC bugs

31. Many Windows applications require an uninstall program to get rid of all the bits and pieces

32. Macs are by far the easier to set up

33. Macs have much lower ongoing costs, specifically because they do not require so much training and maintenance

Note: Megamac was originally a small website created by a friend of mine that featured this evangelist and partially inspired the creation of the Mac Revolution.