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95/98/NT so called "Advantages"

1. Windows offers true multitasking. (however, it requires a technical manual and a two week class)

2. Windows has better hardware support. (well, why can't a PC tell when a disk is in the drive?)

3. Windows has a cleaner look than MacOS. (how clean can an OS be? On a Mac, you can change icons of folders and files. Can't do that on a PC!)

4. Windows is more stable than MacOS. (General Protection Fault anyone? Macs crash about 18-20 times less than your average PC)

5. Windows has protected memory. (just in case your program crashes and tries to fuck up the system)

6. Windows supports more software than MacOS. (supports? No. Half the software for PC doesn't work on different machines)

7. Windows automatically manages memory. (what the hell?)

8. Windows is more customizable. (thats right! You can set the CPH - crashes per hour!)

9. The Windows taskbar offers an easy way to switch running applications. (hmm. Ever heard of the Finder application menu?)

10. Windows offers true Plug and Play. (you mean Plug and Pray. My PC still doesn't know how to use my "Plug and Play" modem. My Mac, on the other hand, can use any Mac hardware plus a lot of PC hardware like external modems!)

11. Windows has ActiveX technology. (Macs have AppleScript technology)

12. Windows has superior graphics capacity. (maybe when compared to a Mac Plus)

13. Windows can be navigated with just a keyboard, MacOS cannot. (who the hell can't afford a mouse?)

14. Windows is easier to use than MacOS. (hmm. The majority of PC users claim that the Windows help system is too difficult to use)

15. Windows has more features than MacOS. (yep! Only 3% of them work!)

16. Windows has multimedia advantages over MacOS. (hmm. Both computers can play sound and use music CDs. How can a PC be better?)

17. Windows uses less RAM than MacOS. (you can't even find out how much RAM windows uses!)

18. Windows has accessibility features, allowing people with disabilities to use a computer better. (so does a Mac. Big deal.)

19. Windows supports more file formats than MacOS. (no. Macs can use all Mac formats, most PC formats, many UNIX formats, etc.)

20. Windows has Active Desktop, which enables Web content on the desktop. (gee. How useless is that?)

21. Windows has the registry, a powerful tool that lets users customize all aspects of the OS. (hmm. ResEdit?)

22. Windows loads faster than MacOS. (this is sooo not true. I saw a 200MHz Mac boot in 13 seconds. A similarily configured 200MHz PC booted in just under a minute)

23. Windows lets users assign sounds to system events, MacOS does not. (hmm. OS 8.5?)

24. Windows has Power Management, saving energy and Earth's resources. (ever heard of CPU Energy Saver?)

25. The Windows Start Menu is more advanced than the MacOS Apple menu. (both can have files and folders in them. How can one be better at doing that?)

26. Windows supports long filenames (Macs support longer filenames. and Macs don't need 3 letter extensions)

27. Windows shortcuts are better and more advanced than MacOS aliases (really. Try moving the original file to a different disk. It'll never find it now...)

28. You can open multiple instances of applications with Windows; with Mac-OS you can only open one. (yes. I really need to open TWO copies of my programs!)

29. The Windows Recycle Bin is more advanced than the MacOS trash can. (both are used to delete files. There can't be a better one)

30. Windows Scripting Host is more powerful than AppleScript (and it only costs $150 extra!)

31. Printing is easier on Microsoft Windows. (you just need to wait for the 10000 printer driver list to load)

32. Capturing screenshots in Windows is easier than on MacOS. (really. PCs can't capture screens without a 3rd party utility)

33. CD-ROM's are easier to use in Windows. (yes. putting a CD in the drive is sooo difficult. I'm sure that the windows help system will guide you through it step by step)

34. PC's have better support for sound than MacOS. (with the purchase of a $400 sound card)

35. Windows is user-friendlier (this is just plain bullshit)

PC Advantages

36. Windows is more common. (especially among dumbasses and drug dealers)

37. PC's have higher quality parts than Macs. (I touched by MS Mouse and it fell apart.)

38. PC's are less than Macs, and you get more. (more useless microsoft propaganda that is)

39. Games run better on PC's. (you obviously have never talked to any game developers then...)

40. PC Mice have two mouse buttons; Mac mice only have one. (you can get 2, 3, or 4 button Mac mice you know...)

41. The PC supports more hardware. (but you'll never get it to work)

42. PC's are easier to upgrade. (after you remove the 500 screws and try to remove the metal case)

43. PC's have USB. (hmm. iMac? USB PCI expansion cards for PowerMacs?)

44. The PC BIOS is superior to the Mac CMOS. (only in Billy's dreams)

45. It is easier to network PC's than Macs. (I'm sure. I put my Mac on a LAN in 30 seconds. My PC still won't connect)

46. PC's are more energy efficient. (Hmm. Pentium II uses 50 volts, G3 processor uses 7.)

47. Products for PC's are more common than products for the Mac. (but you'll never get them to work)

48. Most stores carry only PC's. (perhaps. but there are a lot of Mac specialty stores)

49. PC's look better than Macs. (dull metal case vs. cool stylish case. I think this so called advantage is FALSE)

50. PC's are more durable. (since many people get pissed off and kick their PC)

As you have just witnessed, the 50 advantages from are full of shit. Below is a list of interesting facts that you should know about:

1. Andy Grove quit Intel because he knew that Macs were better (he now owns an iMac)

2. 50% of all CDs have been compiled on a Mac.

3. A Mac Portable has been in space.

4. PCs couldn't use dual monitors before Windows 98.

5. Windows 98 crashed while being presented by Bill Gates.

6. Bill Gates was pied in the face (by a Microsoft employee).

7. The maker of my OS isn't in court.

8. PCs require BIOS configuration, dip switch setting, and partition creating just to use an HD. On a Mac, just plug it in.

9. The Windows logo was made on a Mac.

10. The Duel Processor G4 is the fastest home computer available.

11. Xerox invented the GUI.

12. Some of the planning for the Pentium chip was done on a Mac.

13. The words "Bill sux" may show up on the inside of some Pentium II processors when seen through a microscope (true!!!).

If you wish to flame the makers of the 50 PC lies, send e-mail to